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In the event of inclement weather, HLL and/or Chesterfield County will make a decision on practices and games scheduled for that day.  Please note that the safety of our players, volunteers, and spectators is our priority in the event of inclement weather.  We will make every effort to play but realize the weather will dictate the day's events.


- Our goal is to make a decision by 4:00 pm each weekday on that night's activities, if there is rain forecasted for that evening.  Sometimes we won't be able to make a decision by that time and will need to let the evening play out and adjust as necessary.


- We'll always keep the field status on the front page of our website up to date.  As closures happen, you'll get an email or text from our scheduling software if you're set up to receive them, and we'll update the field status when the decision is made.


- The Chesterfield County Weather Hotline (804-748-1001) is updated at 4:00 pm each weekday.  Please keep in mind the update from the hotline applies to our satellite fields only (Greenfield, Bon Air, etc).  Chesterfield County allows HLL to have control over the Robious Complex where we have additional equipment to prepare our fields for play.  As mentioned above, we will keep the field status on the front page of our website up to date for all of our fields.  It's entirely possible Robious is open at the same time Greenfield or Bon Air are not, for example.